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ResQ Belgians

What is ResQ Belgians
My name is Kathy Adams, and I am ResQ Belgians . My philosophy is a simple one: Rescue, Rehab and Rehome. I began doing all breed rescue work in 1973. After living with Labradors, German Shepherds and a slew Mixed Breeds, I discovered the world of Belgians. My first Belgian, Trouper, a Malinois, was followed by Merlin, a Groenendael. The rest is history.

ResQ Belgians are current on their innoculations. They are given Interceptor as a monthly heartworm preventative. They have been either spayed or neutered. They have also been permanently identified with a tattoo or a microchip. To assure you that you are getting a healthy animal, they receive a final vet check within a week of adopting. If for any reason you decide that you can no longer keep your Belgian, you can rest assured knowing that he always has a place to come home to.

These dogs are not to be considered as chattel to be purchased or sold. They are part of the ResQ Belgian family, and as such, are not for sale. They are placed into homes where they can be loved and nutured, and that placement depends upon the quality of the match between the dog and the prospective adoptor, and not the willingness to pay. All of the expenses incurred for these animals comes directly out of my own pocket. I do this because I believe that these wonderful dogs deserve a second chance. Therefore, there is no need for an adoption fee. If you choose to help defray the costs of rescuing these animals, it would be appreciated and would go directly back into the program. This is a Labor of Love, not Profit...

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This Site Sponsored by DogGear.Net