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Last updated June 1, 2006

Based upon his history, Dylan was born approx September 2000.

Salika was turned into a kill shelter as a purebred Belgian Shepherd by her family. She loves to retrieve and play with both people and other dogs. Very easy to correct, she can become focused on a rabbit or bird and forget her manners.. With alittle understanding and some gentle guidance, she is becoming a wonderful companion.

Salika is thought to have been born near August 1997

Miss Minnie was found roaming the streets and was very underweight when she first came to ResQ. She also had this need to explore her neighborhood. She would scale 4 foot fencing very easily. But that was in the past. Now Minnie is very content to stay home where she belongs . She is has been known to catch birds in flight, with her favorite pastime being stalking those feathery friends roosting in trees. This is probably a holdover from her street roaming days. Full of personality, she will tell you what she wants and usually that's a spot next to you. This dynamite girl will be a wonderful companion.

Minnie is thought to have been born around August 1996.

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