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How to Stop Common Puppy Behavior ProblemsCertain puppy behaviors, if not corrected immediately, will lead to bigger problems when it becomes older and bigger. This report looks at common puppy behavior problems and what to do about them. In this report you'll discover:How to stop your puppy from barking too much…How to stop your puppy from digging up your whole backyard…How to stop your puppy from jumping on people and potential hurting them, especially small children…How to stop your puppy from mounting people and causing you embarrassment…How to stop your puppy from chasing cars, cats, small children, etc…How to stop your puppy from nipping or biting that may accidentally hurt someone…You don't have to live with these common puppy problems anymore when you use the methods revealed in this report. Read the rest of this entry »
The Essential Pet Grooming Guide This book covers several topics including:Chapter 1: Why Is Pet Grooming Important Chapter 2: Cat Grooming Chapter 3: Grooming Your Kitty Chapter 4: Flea Baths-an Important Part Of Your Cat's Grooming Regime Chapter 5: First Steps In Grooming Chapter 6: Common Mistakes In Home Pet Grooming Chapter 7: Grooming Your House Cat-the Items You'll Need Chapter 8: Nail Trimming An Important Part Of Pet Grooming Chapter 9: Grooming Your Pet Rabbit Chapter 10: Grooming Your Pet-it Doesn't Have To Be Difficult Chapter 11: Grooming Your Cat Chapter 12: Home Pet Grooming Tips Chapter 13: Grooming And Brushing Tips For Dogs That Are Hypoallergenic Chapter 14: Recognizing And Treating Over-grooming Chapter 15: Pet Bathing As Part Of The Pet Grooming Experience Chapter 16: Pet Grooming Uniforms For The Professional Chapter 17: Pet Grooming As A Career Chapter 18: Pet Grooming Is A Responsibility Chapter 19: Pet Grooming Options For Cats Chapter 20: The History Of Pet Grooming Chapter 21: Pet Grooming To Prevent Hairballs Chapter 22: Why You Should Use A Muzzle During Pet Grooming Chapter 23: Pet Grooming And The Mental Health Of Your Pet Chapter 24: Where To Find Pet Grooming Supplies Chapter 25: Pet Grooming Professionals - How To Keep Your Pet Safe Chapter 26: Why Good Pet Grooming Experts Are Hard To Find Chapter 27: Equestrian Supplies: The Horse Grooming Kit Chapter 28: Grooming-your-pet-bird Read the rest of this entry »
No doubt a dog is a man’s best friend. They can be very lovable and reliable pets if they are trained properly and groomed regularly. In this sense, a dog is a huge responsibility. They have many needs just like humans. They need food, shelter and health care to be well. They need to be washed up and brushed up to keep them good-looking. They need potty training to control their toilet functions. They need behavior training for obedience. Most of all, they need love and affection to become loyal and faithful pets. Dogs are like babies that will never grow up and will, therefore, need you to look after them for their entire lifetime. You will need to give them their food as they will never know how to cook or look for their own food. You will need to bathe them, dry them, brush up their fur and clean their teeth and ears because they will never be able to do all these on their own. You will need to follow on the unpleasant task of picking up their poop and wiping off their urine whenever they mess up because they will never be able to pick up after themselves. You will need to potty train and provide obedience training to control habits and behavior which will be a wearisome task. Are you ready to be a pet dog owner? This book will help you prepare to be the best dog owner ever. Read the rest of this entry »
This breed is becoming increasingly popular for police and guard dogs. Kaldenbach covers the breed's characteristics, choosing a puppy or adult dog, early training, and Royal Dutch Police Dog Association (KNPV) training and testing. Read the rest of this entry »
Puppy training has never been this easy! This one-of-a-kind visual training program features gentle, dog-friendly techniques-clearly illustrated in step-by-step color photographs- that show you exactly what to do to get your adorable canine companion to behave in any situation. From housebreaking your pup to socializing him to get along with other dogs and people, Puppy School tells-and more important, shows-you how to turn the most rambunctious pup into a polite, loving, obedient dog. You'll discover:- How to teach the basics of good behavior at that critical early stage- Gentle ways to control a pup without breaking his spirit- Expert advice on winning--and keeping--your pup's trust- Tips to get your pup used to having her body examined without becoming fearful- A unique "Dog Dictionary" of training cue words- Week-by-week progress schedules for every technique- Top Ten checklists to prevent training failures With "see and do" photos that put it in a class of its own, and based on the authors' decades of hands-on, progressive dog-training experience, Puppy School is a must-have volume for every dog owner. Read the rest of this entry »
There are probably 100 wrong ways to potty train your Dashshund. Don't make those mistakes - Learn the right way! In this book you will easily learn the most effective methods that get the best and quickest results. And along the way you will learn some basics about obedience training as well.There is nothing worse than having your home smell like dog urine when guests come to visit - even if you have gotten used to the odor. With the proper training techniques that you will learn in this book you will never have to worry about this embarassing situation. Read the rest of this entry »