The latest in the Dogwise Classic series! The first scientific study from early in the 20th century to attempt to understand how to breed dogs, primarily German Shepherds, of superior intelligence, disposition, and physique for use in a wide variety of working dog capacities. This effort began the process - which is still evolving today - of better understanding how to breed for both the physical and temperament characteristics desired. Read the rest of this entry »
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A practical handbook about Chihuahua Puppies, covering important aspects of having one of these friendly puppies at home, from basic day-to-day care to health, training care, social behavior and kids interaction. Read the rest of this entry »
There are probably 100 wrong ways to potty train your Cocker Spaniel. Don't make those mistakes - Learn the right way! In this book you will easily learn the most effective methods that get the best and quickest results. And along the way you will learn some basics about obedience training as well.There is nothing worse than having your home smell like dog urine when guests come to visit - even if you have gotten used to the odor. With the proper training techniques that you will learn in this book you will never have to worry about this embarassing situation. Read the rest of this entry »
House-training your puppies used to be a lengthy, complex process. Now you can house-train your puppy faster, with fewer accidents, and with less stress by using the tips and techniques in this guide! Read the rest of this entry »
THE NATURAL WAYThe Amazing Secrets of Mother Nature's Methods for training puppies and dogs will be revealed to you!Are you thinking about getting a puppy?Did you just bring a new puppy home?Is your puppy ready for some training?Does your dog need to learn some new tricks?There are two things that we all know about puppies:They are SO CUTE! AND They get into trouble!But, if you ...want to raise your adorable puppy the right way.want your puppy to fit in as a member of your family.want your puppy to grow up to be a happy and healthy dog.Raise your Puppy and Train your Dog the Natural Way!Included in this puppy manual are such topics as:* Introduction* Picking the right puppy for you* Pre-preparations before the puppy comes home* Puppy proofing your home* Proper and appropriate Toys* How to use these toys as Teaching Tools* Breaking down the segments of the retrieving exercise* Energy burn off* Negative Energy Burn Off* House Breaking* Helpful Hints to make the task easier* Biting or nipping* Discipline and Love* Accurate Corrections* Early Obedience Training* Training Equipmentand of course ... OBEDIENCE TRAINING ... Four Sessions in Total!Session One* Step One: The Leash Warm-up* Step Two: The Lets Go Exercise* Step Three: Lets Go and Recall* Step Four: Sit On Command* Step Five: Recall From a Sit PositionSession Two* Step One: Lets Go - Advance To Heel* Step Two: Long Distance - Lets Go* Step Three: Sit-Stay* Step Four: Recall From The Sit* Step Five: The Down Exercise* Step Six: The Stand For ExaminationPlus Lots More... Read the rest of this entry »
This guide makes scientific discoveries accessible to lay readers, so that they can use them to produce the best dogs possible. The text is augmented by pertinent photos and other illustrations, giving readers the opportunity to take fullest advantage of available genetic knowledge. Read the rest of this entry »
This is an exciting time in your life and your child's life too! It's time to start thinking about potty training. If the mere thought of it strikes fear in your heart, rest easy. You are a busy parent trying to juggle all of the responsibilities that are expected of you. How do you fit in potty training? The answer is easier than you think!Let us start by saying that we aren't one of those hyped up systems that promise you can train your child in an hour, a day, or any time frame at all. Every child is different, and all of these so called "foolproof" systems are not for everyone. Sure they might work sometimes, but not all the time.There are tons of how-to books out there that will cost you a pretty penny and then you find that none of their advice works after you've already spent your money. I'll address the money aspect later, but rest assured that the book I'm offering you is no sure fire anything - except for a sure fire winner.You see, the book I have here for you, "Potty Training, Stop the Mess, The Ultimate Potty Training Guide" offers practical advice that has been tested by real life people - just like you. When you start to potty train your child, everyone you know will be ready and willing to offer up their own experiences and expect you to follow their every word. Read the rest of this entry »