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Animal Communication, Communicating with Dogs

Animal Communication ANIMAL TALK
by Penelope Smith
Learn how interspecies telepathic communication can help you solve behavior problems, find out where your animal hurts and discover his likes and dislikes.
by Susan McElroy
True stories of the pets, working animals, and creatures of the wild who transform and heal our lives. The author shares stories from her own life and the lives of others to portray animals as intuitive, loyal friends.
Animal Communication ANIMALS SPEAK!
by Betty Lewis
A compilation of stories from the author's case files and from a private class in talking with animals. (She is an animal communicator.)
Animal Communication KINSHIP WITH ALL LIFE
by J. Allen Boone
Is there a universal language of love...a "kinship with all life" that can open us up to the lessons taught by non-human animals? Here are several examples.
by Michael Tobias & Kate Solisti-Mattelon, Editors
Stories and articles from many countries and traditions protray animals as conscious beings capable of deep feelings and sophisticated thoughts. Contributers include such people as Jane Goodall and Linda Tellington-Jones.
Animal Communication THE LANGUAGE OF ANIMALS
by Carol Gurney
Seven Step HeartTalk Program developed to help people communicate with and make a spiritual connection with their animal companions.
Animal Communication WHEN ANIMALS SPEAK
by Penelope Smith
Advanced interspecies communication. Experience animals' refreshing, moving, and sometimes startling points of view from an experienced animal communicator.