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The dog has been man's best friend at work and at play for thousands of years. No animal lover can fail to cherish this versatile and endearing animal, combining as it does strength, personality, intelligence and a willing nature. How To Look After Your Dog is the complete guide to understanding and looking after your pet. Read the rest of this entry »
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NEW RELEASE! Are you considering a career in the pet care field, attending grooming school or currently working in the grooming industry? If so, Introduction to The Foundations of Dog Grooming is an important & useful resource in preparing you for a successful & rewarding career. Foundations is written by Karla Addington-Smith, a Certified Master Groomer, award winning professional pet stylist & IJA Judge. Karla shares her 35 years of expert all breed grooming experience on these beautiful pages with original illustrations & color photographs. Written in a workbook format, Foundations is packed with guidance you need to perform the maintenance grooming procedures that all dogs require for optimum comfort & good grooming health. Topics covered include: brushing, combing, deshedding, dematting, ear cleaning & care, paw & nail care, nail clipping, bathing, conditioning & drying. Each chapter gives detailed instruction on the procedures, the tools & techniques required for proper & safe use. Foundations includes an overview of the 7 related areas of study that will provide you a strong foundation for building a rewarding career in professional grooming. Topics covered are: salon safety, canine anatomy, identifying potential health problems, handling & recognizing aggressive behavior types, identifying canine coat types, skin & coat anatomy, & the science of bathing dogs. This book is without a doubt one of the best investments you can make as you begin your career in pet care. Whether you are student of grooming, a bather ~ brusher in a salon, rescue or shelter worker, vet tech, or salon owner needing a good resource for training new hires, Introduction to The Foundations of Dog Grooming is an outstanding resource book you will refer to again & again! Foundations contains 112 high quality color pages, 17 chapters, glossary, activity sheets and answer key! If you would like Karla to autograph your book just make note at check out. Read the rest of this entry »
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Beautiful renderings by world-renowned artist Maude Nilsson illustrate Poodle trims from around the world. They add even more pizzazz to this already heavily illustrated guide. Back by popular demand, Poodle Clipping and Grooming: The International Reference is a revamped version of the original classic that no groomer can be without. Authored by renowned expert Shirlee Kalstone and bursting with hundreds of photos and detailed step-by-step directions, this new edition promises to be even more of a boon to Poodle groomers and enthusiasts worldwide than the previous edition. Its thoroughly illustrated instructions guide you throughselecting the right equipmentcaring for the coats of pet Poodles and show Poodlesbasic clipping of the Poodle's feet, face, neck, tail, stomach and ears, as well as fashioning the perfect topknot—with tips from the expertssetting the patterns for sanctioned show trims and popular pet trimsand many other Poodle grooming secrets and nuances Read the rest of this entry »
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The Client's Guide to Dog Grooming Styles is a reference tool for dog groomers that helps them to end client confusion as to exactly how their pet will look after it is professionally groomed. Illustrations are arranged by breed group. Groomers can use these illustrations to show their clients how the end result of grooming will look. This guide contains the latest popular Poodle Styles and every dog in the seven American Kennel Club (AKC) breed groups. Printed on heavy coated stock, in a large 8.5"x11" top spiral bound format, The Client's Guide is extremely durable and is perfect for use in places where traditionally sized breed posters cannot be displayed. It's a perfect reference for mobile groomers and at-home grooming professionals. Read the rest of this entry »
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