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Two military manuals combine into one book. If you purchase both books separately you would pay more for the books, plus the extra shipping cost. A great value! U.S. Marine Corps Close Combat: Fleet Marine Forces Manual provides the methodology & techniques of the Marine Corps system of Close Combat (MCSOCC). The MCSOCC uses a specific system to teach Marines the skills required to defeat an opponent in close combat. Close combat is the physical confrontation between two or more opponents. It involves armed and unarmed and lethal and nonlethal fighting techniques that range from enforced compliance to deadly force. The purpose of close combat is to execute armed and unarmed techniques to produce both lethal and nonlethal results. Unarmed techniques include hand-to-hand combat and defense against hand-held weapons. Armed techniques include techniques applied with a rifle, bayonet, knife, baton, or any weapon of opportunity. Well written, with many illustrations. Military Working Dogs: Topic are covered in detail in this manual: THE MILITARY WORKING DOG PROGRAM ADMINISTRATIVE REQUIREMENTS MANAGING MILITARY WORKING DOG OPERATIONS LEGAL CONSIDERATIONS PATROL DOGS AND CHARACTERISTICS NARCOTICS DETECTOR DOGS AND CHARACTERISTICS EXPLOSIVE DETECTOR DOGS AND CHARACTERISTICS VETERINARY SUPPORT TRAINING RECORDS DEPLOYMENT EQUIPMENT LIST FORCE PROTECTION CONDITIONS AFTER-ACTION REVIEWS HEALTH AND WELFARE INSPECTIONS BRIEFING GUIDE TERRORIST BOMB THREAT STAND-OFF DISTANCES GLOSSARY and REFERENCES. Read the rest of this entry »
More than eleven hundred dogs served in Vietnam as part of the United States Armed Forces. Working alongside members of all branches of service, these canine soldiers filled vital roles in the campaign in Southeast Asia. Despite their numbers and heroics, the history of the dogs and the servicemen who worked with them is relatively unknown, even among the dog handlers themselves. Even before American troops were formally committed in Vietnam, military advisors to the region recognized the usefulness and importance of military working dogs. As early as 1960 American scout and sentry dogs were introduced in South Vietnam to assist the Army of the Republic of Vietnam in protecting their military installations as well as in searching for the Vietcong and soldiers of the North Vietnamese Army. Utilizing dogs that had been left behind by the French, U.S. Air Force personnel established the Army Republic of Vietnam dog program. Read the rest of this entry »
House Train your puppy or older dog. Learn the techniques in dealing with your puppy. How to remove stains. How to work with aggressive dogs. Learn about Leash, paper and crate training. Read the rest of this entry »
One of the few things that dog owners or prospective dog owners think about is whether or not they will need to train their dog. Although training a dog is not absolutely essential unless your dog has a particular problem, a small amount of training to remove bad habits and set boundaries for your dog should be considered. In addition to this, a well trained dog will feel much more secure in your home when it knows its boundaries. Read the rest of this entry »
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For every right way to housebreak your german shepherd puppy (or even adult german shepherds) there are probably 100 wrong ways. In this book you will easily learn the most effective methods that get the best and quickest results. And along the way you will learn some basics about obedience training as well. There is nothing worse than having your home smell like dog pee when guests come to visit - even if you have gotten used to the odor. With the proper training techniques that you will learn in this book you will never have to worry about this embarassing situation. Read the rest of this entry »
The dog has been man's best friend at work and at play for thousands of years. No animal lover can fail to cherish this versatile and endearing animal, combining as it does strength, personality, intelligence and a willing nature. How To Look After Your Dog is the complete guide to understanding and looking after your pet. Read the rest of this entry »
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